Beerista : Make Mine A Pint Of Latte

The Ei Group with 4,300 pubs in England and Wales revealed their ‘Beerista’ coffee concept aimed at generating extra revenue in their pubs by tapping into the lucrative UK coffee market. Smart move ? or stay in your lane landlord ?
The offer’s designed to support pubs with all aspects of running a profitable coffee shop. Pubs will be kitted out with a proper coffee machine, 100% Arabica coffee and crockery; quality control measures; range suggestions; and marketing material; but as far as we know , no cake. Coffee without a slice of cake, biscuit or muffin is potentially a doomed venture.
Paul Farr, Head of Food at Ei Group, said: “Unlocking the potential of every pub in our estate is something we’re passionate about and dedicated to achieving. Helping our publicans construct the right coffee offer gives them the opportunity to tap into different day parts and take on the high street coffee chains that have been challenging the traditional UK pub’s position as the community hub”.
Many vision the high streets to become more of a social hub where people come to socialise over a pint , coffee or slice of cake and with online sales constantly threatening the high streets this could be a wise move by Ei Group.
Lots of hotels and restaurants offer an afternoon tea to drive sales during that lull in the afternoon period by offering scones, petit fours and mini cakes with varied success. It’s a either brave step or very misguided , but with minimal investment required they may give the coffee shops a run for their money.