Cake Discrimination

American same sex couple Eileen and Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio got married in December 2016. They waited until October to celebrate with family and friends, so in August they started looking for the perfect cake for their perfect occasion.
After having a meeting with Tastries Bakery and going through a cake tasting process tasting a variety of sponges and fillings in order to find their perfect wedding cake Tastries bakery owner Cathy Miller told the couple she did not make cakes for same sex couples because of her religious beliefs.
“My business is owned by God,” Miller said. “We work for the Lord and my convictions and my conscience don’t allow me to participate in a lot of things like I’ve turned all kinds of orders away.”
Being in America the couple obviously then sought legal adivce and have since taken legal action, filing a law suit against the bakery.
“I just was like this woman discriminated against us,” Eileen Rodriguez-Del Rio said. The owner of the bakery had previously lost a case in 2015 for the same reason after refusing to fulfill an order based her beliefs.
We are thinking of using the same reason when it’s time to pay our taxes and refer HMRC to contact our business owner in the sky above for our tax return. At Red Rose we welcome orders from everyone regardless of age, race, religion, sexuality, gender, the LGBTQ community – except if you support Manchester United. Check out the cupcakes we did for Pride this year to raise money for charity – we think they were pretty awesome. Cake unites.