Christmas Has Come Early

According to data released by Kantar World Panal we have already spent £5 million on Christmas puddings and mince pies. With £4 million on mince pies and £1 million on Christmas puddings. Buying a Christmas pudding early we understand as they can last forever given the ingredients and alcohol preserving everything. But buying mince pies 2 months out , you’re not really getting the freshest or best quality on your plate. Just imagine the preservatives , additives, and e-numbers working away to preserve the shelf life and sitting in the box for so long they end up tasting rather cardboard like.
Fresh is always best, home made puddings, pies and cakes even better if you can and have the time. But with Christmas day often being extremely hectic, juggling a million and one things from making sure the turkey doesn’ t burn and become dry, rubbery and chewy to overcooking the sprouts who can blame anyone for taking the easy option and getting your mince pies straight


out of a box.