Support A Good Cause For 2018

Are you still sticking to your new years resolutions ?
Maybe the odd brownie or slice of cake has interrupted your diet ?
Or a sneaky glass of wine has passed your lips when you vowed not to drink for all of January!
Well don’t be to hard on yourself. We like to set goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year and see if we rise to the challenge for the rest of the year….or not. That’s fantastic but most of our goals centre around ourselves, getting fitter, losing weight etc. It would be a nice idea to help others by donating our time , our skills or just a simple straight forward monetary donation to a worthy charity.
Choosing one can be hard. You hear stories in the papers that only 10p for every £1.00 raised actually goes to the people who need it most with the rest disappearing down a big hole
UK Coffee Week running from 16-22 April 2018 is a raising money for Project Waterfall , a charity that helps provide clean drinking water in parts of the world that do not have it. You can read more about it here
You don’t need to have a coffee shop or sell cakes to take part – it could even be as simple as having a day where you pay £1.00 for every coffee you have in your office and make a donation, Or sell cupcakes and donate the money raised – the possibilities are endless
Let us know what you think