Welcoming In 2018

As we slowly ease in to a new year with everyone stuffed to the gills with the over indulgence of the festive seasons we’re fighting the annual battle of gym memberships and diets. Cakes and desserts are definitely off the menu for most. Not really an ideal situation in our line of work where cake is king !.
January for many businesses is a slower month. Coming off the back of a busy Christmas we have generally used the beginning of the year to focus on new product development for cakes, deserts, snacks and treats.
Our gluten free and vegan range is ever growing and we’re constantly improving our recipes. We’re focusing on lower sugar cakes and desserts this year using alternative sources of sweetness and also experimenting with healthy ingredients and more vegetables and superfoods.
So as we’re sweating off the excess pounds in the gym and trying our best to stick to our diets we hopefully will have our devilishly tasting but guilt free treats ready for you !