What Happens When The Picture Online Doesn’t Match What’s Delivered

There are some businesses that sell online where you expect there to be a slight difference between what’s pictured to what actually turns up. Usually the colours might not be as bright or what turns up is much smaller or not as well made as the pictures online show and we’ve all had that experience. If you can’t live with the difference or feel you’ve been mis-sold then it’s back to where it came from. We chuckled in the office when we saw this story which you may have missed. A birthday cake was ordered for someones loved one. The cake was meant to be modeled on their partners fearsome biceps and a picture was sent to make sure the cake would be as accurate as possible. What actually turned up is pictured below.


The left picture is what should have turned up and the right one is what actually turned up. Happy Birthday indeed ! It actually resembles something lurking in the deepest darkest depths of the sea and that’s being kind. Other people commented that the birthday cake resembled something altogether ruder! Maybe it tasted amazing but somehow we don’t think it got to the slicing stage. There is a serious point here for business and that is you want to show off what you sell in the best possible light but if theres excessive photoshopping and an overuse of filters then you’re setting yourself up for a high return rate. And in the cake business that means straight in the bin.