Easy Coffee – Easy Peasy

Not many people know that the Easy everything brand are into coffee and are looking to expand there existing coffee business. Airlines we know about , plus the hotels and also the cruise ships. They even had internet cafes when the internet first appeared ( remember those !) Well they have had a coffee shop in Leicester Square for some time now. Guess what colour they’ve gone with? . Yes no prizes there for guessing , see picture. Well they really mean business as they have secured £15million in funding to expand ,with their sights set on opening up over 200 new branches in the coming years and compete directly with the big chains. They do sell premium Lavazza coffee and offer cakes and pastries at half the cost of the bigger chains. Not sure about the quality of the cake or pastry offering if its cheap and warmed up from frozen, but i guess it depends on their target market. Whether this is sustainable in the long run remains to be seen but given their history of shaking up industries you wouldn’t bet against them.