Trends from the London Cake & Bake Show

Last week saw the annual Cake & Bake show take place in London. It’s interesting to see what cake trends are emerging and guessing what will take off , and what won’t. It’s always amazing to see how creative people can get with their baking and artistic skills with some of this years creations being truly stunning. It’s almost a criminal offence to then cut them into slices to serve !
Five trends emerged at this years Cake & Bake show the we will definitely be keeping an eye on


. They are :
1. Illusion Cakes :
Real life like cakes – as featured in the first episode of this years Great British Bake Off.
2. Blood & Gore :
Well we are in Halloween month. Some of the cakes on display need an 18 certificate !
3. Alcohol :
There were a lot of drink makers exhibiting at this years show. From liqeuer to rum to gin makers all looking be that go to ingredient for your cakes. Cake and alcohol sounds like a winning combination to us !
4. Edible Bouquets
Why say it with flowers when you can say it with an edible bouquet whether it be doughnuts , cupcakes. Nothing says sorry like a doughnut….apparently
5. Stencils
Sprayed on stencils in a variety of designs add a bit of style to your cupcakes and are easy to produce can expect to see more of these and not just around Halloween and Christmas