Free From Freefrom ?

Are you Free From Freefrom ?
That’s almost a tongue twister and trickier to say after a drink or two ! But according to Madeliene Ahlstron, Brand Manager at Almondy (the whole sale cake company), research shows that 2018 will see the continued high demand for free-from food with 28% of consumers revealing they have purchased a free-from product in the last year” That’s a number that’s rapidly creeping upwards . More facts from Madeliene:


“Despite only 13% of consumers having food intolerance , our research highlights that consumers are increasingly looking to but free-from foods as part of a lifestyle choice”.
The message is clear, if your customers are demanding gluten – free cakes, brownies or whatever, as a business we must listen, respond and deliver – otherwise somebody else will. gluten – free commands 60% of the free-from category and the gluten-free market is now worth £438 million.
Ahlstrom ends : “Last year 1 in 3 consumers bought a gluten-free cake – rising to 41% among millennials – showing demand is growing year-on-year; we think this well continue throughout 2018. In fact, 42% of consumers are more likely to order a free-from cake rather then a standard cake”
With half a billion pounds up for grabs that’s no thing to turn your nose up to