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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Sweet and salty peanut butter filled chocolate cake topped with Reese's pieces.

Blueberry Burst Cake

Blueberry packed sponge sandwiched between layers of velvety cream cheese frosting, splashed with sweet blueberry sauce.

Caramel Lotus Biscoff Cake

A true Biscoff heaven! Layers of moist sponge drizzled with caramel glaze, crowned with Biscoff biscuits.

Tropical Fruit Storm Cake

The combination of a wide assortment of tropical flavours creates the "perfect storm" of flavours in this delicious and fruity cake.

Tiramisu Cake

The meaning of “tiramisu” is “pick-me-up” due to its silky mascarpone cream cheese and hint of coffee aroma. (This cake does not contain alcohol)

Black Forest Cake

A light creamy chocolate cake with sweet black cherries, perfectly finished with fresh summer berries.

Vegan Pistachio Black Cherry

Nutty pistachio sponge with layers of sweet black cherry compote that'll leave you wanting more. It's an impressive party dessert.

Chocolate Orange Cake

A delicious layered cake with scrumptious orange flavoured chocolate ganache sprinkled with fresh orange zest.

Gluten Free Apple & Walnut

Apple filled sponge smothered with cream cheese frosting, topped with crunchy walnuts.

Ultimate Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake

A delicious, sweet & salty, dreamy cake crowned with caramel popcorn.

Colombian Coffee & Walnut Cake

Rich Coffee sponge layered cake with cream cheese coffee icing, topped with walnut pieces.