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An incredible rich-yet-light cheesecake, finished with a gorgeous strawberry topping that tastes as amazing as it looks

Dark Cherry

Combination of two favorite desserts with a twist of tangy and sweet flavor. The black cherries  add a really nice deep color

Passion Fruit

A layer of passion fruit makes this vanilla cheesecake look and taste exquisitely delicious

Summer Berry

Deck your summer table with one of our light and luscious cheesecakes topped with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries

New York

A perfectly steam baked New York style cheesecake is the ultimate dessert, with it's rich, dense and creamy filling

Lemon Mascarpone

Bright and fresh lemon flavor compliments the tangy cream cheese and sour cream filling topped with crunchy sugar pearls

Chocolate Honeycomb

Steam baked chocolate cheesecake topped with tiny morsels of crunchy honeycomb finished with drizzle of Belgian chocolate ganache

Saffron Pistachio

The saffron and pistachios add a great richness to the cheesecake. An exquisite fine party dessert

Hazelnut Cocoa

It's an indulgent little treat that calls for a cup of tea or coffee as its companion. Covered with cocoa powder and roasted hazelnuts

Ferrero Rocher

Combination of one of the world’s favorite treats in a yummy delicious Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake!

Cookies & Cream

Buttery Oreo crunchy cookie crust, a creamy cheesecake filling decorated with Oreo halves

Caramel Biscoff

Rich and full of caramel flavor, this cheesecake is perfect for the Biscoff lover in your life