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Pink Ombre


A soft sour cream base vanilla sponge cake with a light Swiss buttercream and raspberry preserve

Gluten Free Red Velvet


A true Southern American cake in gluten free! Scarlet coloured buttermilk sponge complimented with a tangy mascarpone cheese frosting

Rose & Pistachio


Pistachio sponge with a burst of fresh rose flavoured cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with crushed pistachios

Pistachio & Zucchini


Light and fluffy sponge with the subtle flavor of pistachios and silky smooth cream cheese Icing. Zucchini adds a lovely moistness to this nutty cake.

Red Velvet


Dark red coloured chocolate cake, filled with mascarpone cream cheese. Nick-named “The Devil’s Cake” it is a treat impossible to resist